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The Atypical Family

The Atypical Family
  • English:The Atypical Family
  • Korean:히어로는 아닙니다만
  • Original Network: JTBC(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/05/04 -
Episode Review 1

I'm not a hero (Korean: 히어로는 아닙니다만) is a TV series. It will start airing on 2024-05-04. It is broadcast by JTBC (2024).
A hot topic as Jang Ki Yong's comeback work after his release! The highly anticipated new work from the director of the hit "SKY Castle" is also available on Netflix.
There is a family with psychic powers who lost their powers due to a modern disease! A suspicious woman named Da Hye (Chun Woo Hee) visits the Bok family, who are shrouded in mystery. Depression
Ki-ju (Jang Ki-Yong), who has been living an unhappy life due to his involvement with a scam, is suspicious of Da-hye who suddenly appears one day, while Man-heum (Go Doo-shim) senses something special about Da-hye...
The Korean TV series "Not a Hero" is a fantasy romance about a man with extraordinary abilities who has never been able to save anyone, but who finally saves the woman of his destiny.
Actor Jang Ki Yong plays Bok Ki Joo, who has the ability to travel back in time only when he was happy.
Actress Chun Woo Hee plays Do Da Hae, who has suffered since she was a child after losing family and friends.
Actress Go Doo-shim plays Bok Man-mom, Gi-ju's mother who has the ability to have precognitive dreams. Actress Soohyun plays Bok Dong-hee, Gi-ju's sister who has the ability to fly but cannot due to obesity.
Actress Park Soi plays Bok In-ha, Ki-ju's daughter who seems to have no psychic powers. Actor Oh Man Seok plays Ki-ju's father, Uhm Seung-gu.
Actress Kim Geum-soon plays Da-hye's mother, Baek Il-hong.
Actress Ryu A Bell plays Da Hye's younger sister Grace, who cannot speak English but has an exotic appearance.
Actor Choi Kwang-rok plays Da-hye's uncle Noh Hyun-tae.



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