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Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell
  • English:Bitter Sweet Hell
  • Korean:우리, 집
  • Original Network: MBC(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/05/24 -
My House (Korean: 우리, 집) is a TV Series. It will start airing on 2024-05-24. It is broadcast by MBC (2024).
A hot topic starring Kim Hee Sun from "Remarriage Game" and Lee Hye-young from "Casino"!
The Korean TV series "My Home" is about a detective novel writer, who is a self-proclaimed top family psychologist in South Korea, whose career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer.
This human black comedy TV series tells the story of a man who cooperates with his mother-in-law to protect his family. Actress Kim Hee Sun plays Noh Young-won, the best family psychology consultant in South Korea.
Actress Lee Hye-young plays Hong Sa-Kang, Yeong-won's mother-in-law who is a mystery novel writer, while actor Kim Nam-hee plays Choi Jae-jin, Yeong-won's husband who is a plastic surgeon.
Actress Yeon Woo plays the veiled woman Lee Se Na, while actor Kwon Hea Hyo plays Choi Go Myeong, Yeong Won's father-in-law and former prosecutor general.
Jaechan (DKZ) will play Choi Do-hyun, Yeongwon and Jaejin's son.
Hwang Chanseong (2PM) will play Yeongwon's younger brother, Noh Youngmin.
Actress Choi Jeong-in plays Kim Ra-kyung, an employee at Yeongwon Clinic, while actor Ahn Gil-gan plays Park Kang-seon, SaKang's accomplice and owner of Oksusu noodles.
Actress Shin Soyool plays Oh Ji Eun, Jae Jin's colleague and plastic surgeon, while actor Jung Gun Joo plays Moon Tae Oh, Do Hyun's tutor.
Actor Jung Heon plays Goo Kyung-tae, a police officer in a relationship with Ji-eun.
Actress Han Sun-min plays Soi, Do-hyun's senior at school.
Actor Han Sang-jo plays Kang-sung's nephew, Park Seung-jae.
Actor Jung Woong-in plays private detective Jeong Du-man.


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