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Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale

Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale
  • English:Dreaming of a Freaking Fairy Tale
  • Korean:나는 대놓고 신데렐라를 꿈꾼다
  • Original Network: TVING(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/05/31 -
I Honestly Dream of Cinderella (Korean: 나는 대놓고 신데렐라를 꿈꾼다) is a TV Series that is scheduled to start airing on 2024-05-31.
The broadcasting station is TVING (2024). Simultaneous STREAM on U-NEXT! Baek Mi-gyo, the screenwriter who wrote many hits such as "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" and "Melting Me Softly",
This is a work by Hot Topic, with Pyo Yeji participating as a creator. Jae Rim (Pyo Yeji) hits the wall of reality and gets a job at a social club in order to find her prince on a white horse.
Chamin (Lee Junyoung) hates women who dream of becoming Cinderella, like Jaerim. The Korean TV series "I Dream of Cinderella" is about a girl who dreams of becoming Cinderella, but runs into the wall of reality.
A romantic comedy about a woman who decides to become a ra, who meets a wealthy prince on a white horse who doesn't believe in love, and wins her desire.
Actor Lee Jun-young will play Moon Cha-min, the president of the Cheongdam Heaven Social Club. Actor Kim Hyun-jin will play film director Baek Do-heon.
Actress Song Ji-woo plays Cha-min's business fiancee, Bang Dan-na.



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