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The Whirlwind

The Whirlwind
  • English:The Whirlwind
  • Korean:돌풍
  • Original Network: Netflix(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/06/28 -
Squall (Korean: 돌풍) is a TV Series that will begin airing on 2024-06-28. It is available on Netflix (2024).
A new work by Park Kyung-soo, the screenwriter of the SBS power trilogy (The Chaser, Empire of Gold, Punch)!
・Hot Topic Netflix series featuring big names Kyung-gu and Kim Heui Ae. Prime Minister Dong-ho (Sol Kyung-gu), who is trying to eradicate corrupt power, is confronted by President Il-yi, who is in collusion with the conglomerates.
He plans to put Jun (Kim Hong-pa) on trial, but Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Suzyn (Kim Heui Ae) opposes him. A fierce storm is blowing in the political world. Who will win in this unexpected showdown?
The Korean TV series "Whirlwind" depicts the confrontation between a prime minister who decides to assassinate the president in order to turn the world upside down, and the deputy prime minister for economics who tries to stop him and seize power.
Total 12 episodes. Actor Sol Kyung Gu plays Prime Minister Park Dong-ho, who wants to judge the president who is in collusion with the conglomerates and change politics.
Actress Kim Heui Ae plays Jeong Suzyn, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs who opposes the Prime Minister.
Actor Kim Hong-pa plays President Jang Il-joon.
Actress Kim Mi Soo will play Choi Yeon Sook, and actor Lee Hye Young will play Han Min Ho.
Seo Jeongyeon will be played by actress Lim Se Mi. Lee Jangsuk 7 will be played by actor Jeong Bae Soo. Lee Jung-kwon will be played by actor Cha Seung-bae.


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