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  • English:Scandal
  • Korean:스캔들
  • Original Network: KBS(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/06/17 -
Scandal (Korean: 스캔들) is a TV Series. It will begin airing on 2024-06-17. It is broadcast by KBS (2024).
A highly anticipated new work from the screenwriter of the popular revenge TV series "Ruby Ring"!
The main cast of the TV series "Poker Face," which had a 37% audience rating, gathered together for the wrap-up party to mark the end of its spectacular run. Meanwhile, John, the head of the production company,
In (Han Chae Young) disappears during a wrap-up party and his whereabouts are unknown... The Korean TV series "Scandal" is about a woman who wanted to own the world and a man who risked everything for revenge.
A TV series depicting the fateful scandal of a woman. Actress Han Chae Young plays Moon Jeong-in/Moon Kyung-sook, the CEO of Jeongin Entertainment.
TV Series: Actress Han BoReum plays Baek So-ra/Park Jin-kyung, a scriptwriter. Actor Choi Woong plays Jeong Woo-jin/Seo Jin-ho, an aspiring actor who promises to marry So-ra.
Actress Kim Kyu Sun will play Jeongin's daughter and head of Jeongin Entertainment, Min Joo-ryeong. Actress Jo Hyang-gi will play So-ra's aunt, Choi Mi-seon.
Actor Hwang Dong-ju plays Mi-seon's husband, Park Il-jun.



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