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O’PENing 2024

O’PENing 2024
  • English:O’PENing 2024
  • Korean:O’PENing 2024
  • Original Network: tvN(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/07/15 -
O'PENing 2024 (Korean: O'PENing 2024) is a TV series. Its first broadcast is on 2024-07-15. It is broadcast by tvN (2024).
A short TV series that has become a summer tradition on tvN. "Otaku's Daughter" will be broadcast on July 15, 2024. Trot singer Lee Yi Kyung's true otaku Jae Geum (Kim
・Jeongyeon). Did he disappear with the fan club's public funds? His daughter Seohyun (HA YOUNG) goes out to search for the troublemaker Jaegum!
He discovers the truth about his mother that he never knew before.
Starring: Kim Jeongyeon, HA YOUNG, Lee YiKyung, Ahn Nae Sang "Bra Straps Fell Down" will air on August 19, 2024.
A 27-year-old woman who appears ordinary and down-to-earth, but has an unknown complex, goes out into the world to rediscover the "self" that is the protagonist of her life...
Starring: Lee Joo Young, Shin Jae Ha, Park Se Jin "My Son Died" A top actor is forced to enter virtual reality and "play the role of a father and protect his child"
" He receives a mission to love his son with the feelings of a real father and faces a shocking truth... Starring: Jang Seung Jo, Lee Sul "The Recipient"
A high school girl wins 5 billion yen in the lottery, but when she finds out that high school students are not allowed to collect the money, she struggles to accept it and become independent.
Starring: Kang Shin, Cho Jun-young, Noh Jong-hyun "Secondhand Dealer Milan"
Milan, the owner of a secondhand shop, and his customers, who bring him a bottle of soju every day, search for the culprit who abandoned the puppy at the shop.
While doing so, they learn true love... Starring: Lim Se Mi, Lee Si Woo "Our Beautiful Summer" Born as quadruplets, they lost their youngest sister Nara, leaving them with only three children: Ah-reum, Da-eun, and Uri.
The lonely Yeol-moo meets someone, falls in love again and becomes happy. Starring: Jang Gyu Ri, Kim So Hye. Korean TV Series "O'PENing
"2024" is a CJ
ENM's TV Series Project

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