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DNA Lover

DNA Lover
  • English:DNA Lover
  • Korean:DNA 러버
  • Original Network: TV CHOSUN(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/08/17 -
DNA rubber (Korean: DNA 러버) is a TV series. It will start airing on 2024-08-17. The broadcasting station is TV CHOSUN (2024).
A romantic comedy starring Siwon (SUPER JUNIOR) and Jung InSun that will bring you healing through the heart-fluttering story of fateful love.
The Korean TV series "DNA Lover" (16 episodes) is about Han Seo-jin, a genetic researcher who has had many failed relationships, and her fate is determined by her genes.
This is a romantic comedy TV series that stimulates the five senses as the protagonist searches for a life partner.
JUNIOR) will play the role of Han Seo-jin, a researcher at the Irowun Genetics Center, and actress Jung In-Sun will play the role of Han Seo-jin.
Actor Lee Tae-hwan plays the handsome firefighter Seo Kang-hoon.
Actress Jung EuGene plays Jang Mi-eun, a love columnist and Shim Yeon-woo's former lover.



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