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  • English:Pinocchio
  • Korean:피노키오
  • Original Network: SBS(2014)
  • Aired: 2014/11/12 - 2015/01/15
Pinocchio (Korean: 피노키오) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2014-11-12. The broadcast will end on 2015-01-15.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2014). This film depicts the growth period of 20-year-old social media reporters who plunge into a harsh world. .
14-year-old Ha-Myung (Lee Jung-seok) loses her family due to false media reports, and is about to lose her life, but an old man living in her hometown...
Rescued by a person. Thinking that his eldest son Dal-po, who was lost at sea 30 years ago, has returned alive, the old man calls Ha-myung Dal-po and adopts him. I ended up hiding my real name and living under a lie.
Dal-po now has a family of three: his father (Byun Hee-bong), who is his grandfather, his younger brother (Shin Jeong-geun), and his niece In-ha (Park Sin Hye), who is the same age as his father. Pinocchio doesn't lie
In-ha, who suffers from the syndrome, attacks Dal-po from the moment she first sees him, but her frankness is a great comfort to Dal-po. .
The Korean TV series “Pinocchio” focuses on the lives of social media reporters who pursue the truth and 24
A TV series depicting their youth as they spend busy time together, but their time gradually turns into excitement. Ina, a heroine with Pinocchio syndrome who gets hiccups when she lies, is played in the TV series
He will be played by Park Sin Hye of ``Handsome Shin'' and ``The Heirs.'' The role of Dal-po, who becomes a reporter for the social affairs department along with In-ha, will be played by Lee, a young actor who played well in ``I Can Hear Your Voice'' and ``A Gentle Man.''
・Jongseok. The TV series is a collaboration between writer Park Hyeri-young and director Cho Soo-won, who created the beloved 2013 SBS TV series ``I Can Hear Your Voice.''

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