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  • English:Punch
  • Korean:펀치
  • Original Network: SBS(2014)
  • Aired: 2014/12/15 - 2015/02/17
Punch (Korean: 펀치) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2014-12-15. The broadcast will end on 2015-02-17. The broadcasting station is SBS (2014).
A record of the last six months of the life of Prosecutor Park Jung-hwan, head of the investigation and command division of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office! This is the story of a man who partes ways with his life while crossing a world that will never return. .
Ha-kyung (Kim Ah Jung) learns of the car company's fraud after a traffic accident involving her daughter Yerin's kindergarten bus, and begins an investigation. Meanwhile, Jung-hwan (Kim Rae-wo)
Ng) helps Tae-joon (Cho Jae-Hee-young) by creating fraud on other candidates so that he can become the prosecutor general. Former wife Ha-kyung investigates Tae-joon's brother Tae-seop's (Lee Ki-young) cheating.
When Jeong-hwan finds out, he obstructs Ha-kyung's investigation to protect Tae-joon, but... . The Korean TV series "Punch" is about a prosecutor who lives in a jungle-like world full of scars.
It depicts the passionate battle for life between prosecutors of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office, which serves as a vivid confessional. The main character, a man who bids farewell to life while crossing a world that will never return, is investigated by the anti-corruption department of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office.
Prosecutor Park Jung-hwan, the commanding officer, will be played by Kim Rae Won. Kim Ah Jung will play Shin Ha-kyung, Jung-hwan's ex-wife and a prosecutor at the Eastern District Public Prosecutors Office. TV series “Taio Shijinki” etc.
This work is a collaboration between scriptwriter Park Kyung-soo and producer Lee Myung-woo of SBS, who directed ``Fashion King'' and ``Two Women's Room.''

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