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Six Flying Dragons

Six Flying Dragons
  • English:Six Flying Dragons
  • Korean:육룡이 나르샤
  • Original Network: SBS(2015)
  • Aired: 2015/10/05 - 2016/03/22
Six Flying Dragons Narsha (Korean: 육룡이 나르샤) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2015-10-05.
The broadcast will end on 2016-03-22. The broadcasting station is SBS (2015). Six people stood up to fight against the great evil called Goryeo and try to end Goryeo.
stories of people and their success stories. . Lee Seong-gye (Jung Ho-jin) receives an order from the king from Gaegyeong (the capital of Goryeo) and goes to Baek Geun to convey his will.
He tries to send Su to Kaikyo. At that time, young Bang-won selfishly says that he will also go, and ends up heading to Gaegyeong with Cho Young-gyu and Baek Geun-soo. Meanwhile, in Kaikyo, he searches for his mother.
Young Bun-ni and young Tan-se, who have just moved to Tokyo, go into a beggar's nest to get food and do the work their captain asks them to do... .
The Korean TV series "Six Flying Dragons" is about Lee Bang-won (Lee Bang-won), the ruler who built the foundation of Joseon.
) is a fictional historical drama that depicts the story of the ambitions and successes of six people. Last year, in 2011, he starred in the popular historical drama ``The Deep Rooted Tree: The Vow of King Sejong''.
Jeon Ho Jin, Kim Myung Min, Yu A In, Byun Yo Han, Sin Se Gyeong, etc. will appear.

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