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  • English:Entertainer
  • Korean:딴따라
  • Original Network: SBS(2016)
  • Aired: 2016/04/20 - 2016/06/16
It's different (Korean: 딴따라) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2016-04-20. The broadcast will end on 2016-06-16.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2016). The film depicts the Flower Road life project of a novice band, Tantara, and an unruly manager who met on the edge of a cliff. .
Shin Seok-ho (Jisung) won't refuse any dark means to push the idol of the management office to the top! Seokho is an idol with whom he shared joys and sorrows, ``JAC''
He plans to become independent from ``JACKSON'' and prepares for his final activities as a member of KTOP, transforming a new composer's song into ``JACKSON'''s own composition in order to top the music chart. “J.A.C.
KSON's successful comeback, Seok-ho is forced into an unexpected crisis and heads to Busan to put his last hope on the line. On the other hand, Haneul (KANG MINHEEEOK of "CNBLUE") has a friendship with a friend.
Gyu-rin (HYERI, "Girl's Day"), who attended as Haneul's guardian, is forced to stand in court as the suspect of sexual harassment, but he feels uneasy as he watches the trial. .
Actor Jisung will play the role of Song Seok-ho, who raises Korea's best idol group. Due to the betrayal and intrigue of the friends he has been with for a long time, Seok-ho is thrown into the abyss at the best moment of his life.
He is a person who is pushed to the bottom. HYERI (Girl's Day) is the sole guardian of Cho Ha-neul, the vocalist of Shin Seok-ho's band ``Tantara'', and is simply Cho Ha-neul's guardian.
She will play the role of the older sister Jung Grin, who struggles for happiness. CNBLUE's KANG MINHEE-yuk plays the role of Cho Ha-neul, the vocalist of Tantara. With a voice that moves your heart just by listening to it
However, he is a person who gets involved in an unexpected incident and gives up singing. He meets Shin Seok-ho by chance, and his life begins to change.

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