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The Doctors

The Doctors
  • English:The Doctors
  • Korean:닥터스
  • Original Network: SBS(2016)
  • Aired: 2016/06/20 - 2016/08/23
doctors (Korean: 닥터스) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2016-06-20. The broadcast will end on 2016-08-23. The broadcasting station is SBS (2016).
In the Medill TV Series, two men and women grow up to become doctors, overcome their past wounds, and begin a once-in-a-lifetime love. .
Hye-jeong (Park Sin Hye) stole a CD from a CD store but was caught by the store's president!
With the help of Ji-hong (Kim Rae Won), who does not know the truth and is on her side, Hye-jung even brazenly lies and escapes from the crisis. However, I felt it was strange and added Hyejeong.
Ji-hong looks for Hye-jung's bag, and Hye-jung, panicked, gives Ji-hong a roundhouse kick... Meanwhile, a new transfer student joins Ji-heon's class, and Ji-heon was not expecting it. Jiho
A transfer student, Hye-jeong, appears in front of Ng... . The Korean TV series ``Doctors'' is a realist world that focuses on the doctor organization and the relationship between patients and doctors in this society against prejudices such as academic background and background.
handle. A passionate story of doctors who live their lives upholding the values of Hippocrates no matter how much the world changes while making impossible dreams come true. Actor Kim Rae Won suffers from a nervous breakdown at the hospital in the drama.
She plays Hong Ji-hong, a surgical specialist. He is naturally intelligent, has great affinity, and is a popular person. Actress Park Sin Hye plays the role of Hye-jeong, a female yakuza who has never been defeated by fists, and transforms into a doctor.
He will be showing off his true side.

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