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  • English:W
  • Korean:더블유
  • Original Network: MBC(2016)
  • Aired: 2016/07/20 - 2016/09/14
W (Korean: 더블유) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2016-07-20. The broadcast ends on 2016-09-14. The broadcasting station is MBC (2016).
2016 Seoul, a different former in the same space, a romantic suspense PENG SOO that unfolds while intersecting reality and virtual reality. .
Young Joo (Han) rushes to Professor Park's (Heo Jung Do) call.
Hyo-joo receives an unexpected instruction from Professor Park to find out the ending of the webtoon her father is drawing. His father Seong-moo (Kim Woo) offers to do the surgery in return.
Yeon-joo calls Soo-bong (Lee Si Eon), Lee Si Eon's disciple, and hears the news that Seong-moo has disappeared. .
The Korean TV series "W" was released in Seoul in 2016, with a different former in the same space, reality and virtual reality.
PENG SOO is a romantic suspense that unfolds with real twists and turns. Incidents that occur beyond the separation of the real world and the virtual world bring about unpredictable crises and conflicts, making it difficult to relax even for a moment.
It's a thrilling and fun show that you won't be able to resist. Actor Lee Jung-seok plays Kang Chul, a former Olympic shooting gold medalist who is a cold-hearted genius who is now a young businessman in a venture business, played by actress Han.
Hyo Joo plays Oh Young Joo, a second-year thoracic surgery resident at a general hospital who is active and has a deep heart, and whose body moves before her head. TV Series “Nine”, “Queen Inyoung’s Man”, etc.
Screenwriter Song Jae-jeong, who worked on ``She Was Beautiful,'' and PD Jung Dae-yoon, who directed last year's MBC TV series ``She Was Beautiful,'' have teamed up.

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