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Three Guys and Three Girls

Three Guys and Three Girls
  • English:Three Guys and Three Girls
  • Korean:남자셋 여자셋
  • Original Network: MBC(1996)
  • Aired: 1996/10/21 - 1999/05/21
three men and three women (Korean: 남자셋 여자셋) is a TV Series. Broadcasting started on October 21, 1996.
The broadcast ended on 1999-05-21. The broadcasting station is MBC (1996). Song Seung Heon's TV series debut with viewer ratings of over 30%.
The main stage of the TV series is Woo Hee Jin's home. After her parents moved to America for work, Hee-jin ends up living with her grandmother, and feels lonely and afraid.
In order to escape from his mind, he calls his friends and starts living together. My friends who go to the same department at university, my friends I met at my part-time job, Heejin's cousin, all of whom are full of individuality, and we have many events one after another while spending time together.
Something happened... . "Love Story of 6 Men and Women" is a Hot Topic TV series in which Song Seung Heon, who is now extremely popular in Japan, and Lee Ui Jeong instantly became stars with this work.
A legendary work that gained incredible popularity as a "sitcom" that combines the story and laughter of the TV series.

“Three Guys, Three Girls” was a youth sitcom that aired on MBC from October 21, 1996 to May 21, 1999.