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The Bride of Habaek

The Bride of Habaek
  • English:The Bride of Habaek
  • Korean:하백의 신부
  • Original Network: tvN(2017)
  • Aired: 2017/07/03 - 2017/08/22
bride of habaek (Korean: 하백의 신부) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2017-07-03. The broadcast ends on 2017-08-22.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2017). A heart-pounding love romance between "gods and humans" guided by fate. Habaek (Na), the god of water who descended to the human world to become the king of the water kingdom.
Moo Joo-hyuk (played by Moo Joo-hyuk) and his servant Nam Soo-ri (Park Gyu-sung) end up in the wrong place due to a twist in space and time.
Habaek is at a loss after losing the coordinates and “divine power” that show the location of the managing god.
He uses a certain method to get Yoon So-ah (played by Sin Se Gyeong), a descendant of the "God's Servant", to awaken, but... After much hardship, Habaek meets Biryeom (played by Kong Myung), the guardian god of heaven, and the guardian of the land of water.
He meets God Village (Jung Suzyung, played by KRYSTAL (f(x))), but for some reason, the two of them say to Habaek, ``We can't give you the God Stone.''
Meanwhile, So Ah meets Shin Hue (Im Joo Hwa), who is the representative of the resort company.
Ng). So-ah thanks Hue for saving her from a predicament, and Hue begins to have feelings for So-ah. So-ah gradually becomes attracted to Ha-baek, who rolls into her home and tries to manipulate her...
. The Korean TV series ``Bride of Habaek'' depicts the romance between a ``god'' who descended to the human world and a heroine who bears the fate of being a ``follower of the god.''
The essential items of the Kyun TV series, tsundere + living together, and “never fall”
It is no exaggeration to say that this classic heart-pounding love story combines all the elements that make up a love story, and is based on the secret love between a man and a woman in front of their eyes.

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