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My Mister

My Mister
  • English:My Mister
  • Korean:나의 아저씨
  • Original Network: tvN(2018)
  • Aired: 2018/03/21 - 2018/05/17
my uncle (Korean: 나의 아저씨) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2018-03-21. The broadcast ends on 2018-05-17.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2018). Three "uncle" brothers who endure the weight of life and a woman who has lived a rough life are healed through each other.
This work depicts the process of falling. . ``If I'm going to put even a wreath at my poor mother's funeral and bury the mourners so she doesn't feel lonely, I have to hold on to my company no matter what.
”. Park Ho San is the eldest son who was fired from his job, ruined several businesses, and lives separately. Ki-hoon (Song Sae Byeok) is the youngest assistant director who hasn't even made his debut for 20 years. to older brother or younger brother
The second son, Dong-hoon (Lee Sun Kyun), is working hard to arrive to work today as well. One day, Dong-hoon receives a gift certificate worth 50 million won as a bribe that was delivered by mistake. .
The Korean TV series ``My Uncle'' depicts how three ``uncle'' brothers who endure the burden of life and a woman who has lived a rough life are healed through each other.
The work that was done. Produced by Studio Dragon. Actor Lee Sun Kyun plays architectural structural engineer Park Dong-hoon, actress Lee Ji A plays Dong-hoon's wife Yoon-hee, and Lee Jee-An plays the role of Lee Jee-An, who endures the cold reality to the best of his ability.
Actor Jang Ki Yong will play Lee Kwang Il, a black money dealer who is tormenting IU and JeeAn.

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