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  • English:Suits
  • Korean:슈츠
  • Original Network: KBS(2018)
  • Aired: 2018/04/25 - 2018/06/14
suits (Korean: 슈츠) is a TV series. Broadcast starts on 2018-04-25. The broadcast will end on 2018-06-14. The broadcasting station is KBS (2018).
The Korean version of the popular American TV series "SUITS". . Gang Seok (played by Jang Dong Gun), an ace at a top Korean law firm, is promoted to a senior part-time position. On the other hand,
Yeon-woo (played by Hyung-sik), who is caught up in a dangerous transaction and is being chased by the police, rushes into the interview venue where Gang-seok is the interviewer... .
Korean TV Series "SUITS" A legendary lawyer from Korea's best law firm and a fake newcomer with an amazing memory
A TV series depicting a bromance between lawyers. Actor Jang Dong Gun, who will be appearing in a TV series for the first time in six years since the TV series "A Gentleman's Dignity" aired in 2012, will be joining the team of a talented lawyer at Korea's top law firm.
He plays the role of Lee Gang Seok. Park Hyung-sik, a member of the idol group "ZE:A" and also active as an actor, plays the role of Go Yeon-woo, a fake new lawyer with no academic background but a genius memory.
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