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Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna
  • English:Hotel del Luna
  • Korean:호텔 델루나
  • Original Network: tvN(2019)
  • Aired: 2019/07/13 - 2019/09/01
Hotel Del Luna (Korean: 호텔 델루나) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2019-07-13. Broadcast ends on 2019-09-01.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2019). Due to a fateful incident, an elite hotelier becomes the manager of the Hotel Del Luna, and works with the beautiful but eccentric president of the hotel.
A fantasy romance that depicts a special story that occurs while running Luna. . When the moon comes out, suspicious business begins! A hotel in the middle of Myeong-dong that has been open for 1000 years for special customers.
Deluna. Jang Man-wol (played by IU), the beautiful but difficult president of Deluna, lives here. Jang Man-wol plays elite hotelier Goo Chan-sung (played by Yeo Jin Goo).
She makes him the new manager and gives Chan-sung a special birthday present, but... . The Korean TV series "Hotel Del Luna" is about an elite hotelier who loses control of the Hotel Del Luna due to a fateful incident.
A fantasy romance that depicts a special story that occurs while running Deluna with a beautiful but eccentric president. Unlike her shining beauty, she is extravagant, greedy, eccentric, and carefree.
IU, who is also a singer and actress, will play the role of Jang Man-wol, the hotel president, while actor Yeo will play the role of Goo Chan-sung, the weak-willed elite hotelier who faints at the sight of a ghost.
Performed by Jingu.

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