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Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life
  • English:Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life
  • Korean:사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀
  • Original Network: KBS(2019)
  • Aired: 2019/09/28 - 2020/03/22
Love is beautiful, life is wonderful (Korean: 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀) is a TV Series.
Broadcast starts on 2019-09-28. The broadcast will end on 2020-03-22. The broadcasting station is KBS (2019).
Hot Topic also serves as Cho Young Hee's comeback work after giving birth to her first child. .
Young Ae (Kim MiSoo) cannot let her daughter become an accessory to suicide, and Joon Gyo
Mu tries to convince Seor InA to make amends with the fact that she died trying to save him after falling into the water. Yura (Na Young Hee) is dating her son Jun Byeom at the police station.
He meets Jeong-ah who is talking, but... . The Korean TV series “Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” is a “life rehabilitation” TV series about ordinary people who strive to become something but fail to achieve results.
, a work depicting people who love life again and seek a small but certain happiness.

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