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When the Weather Is Fine

When the Weather Is Fine
  • English:When the Weather Is Fine
  • Korean:날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요
  • Original Network: JTBC(2020)
  • Aired: 2020/02/24 - 2020/04/21
Episode Review 1

I'll visit when the weather is nice. (Korean: 날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요) is a TV Series.
Broadcast starts on 2020-02-24. The broadcast will end on 2020-04-21. The broadcasting station is JTBC (2020).
A TV series based on the novel of the same name that became a hot topic, starring actress Park Min Young and actor Seo Kang Joon. .
After quitting her job teaching cello, Hye-won decides to spend some time with her aunt, who runs the Hodu House Pension. An old couple lives
When Hae-won sees that the former tile shop has been transformed into a small bookstore called Goodnight Bookstore, she wonders, ``Is there a bookstore in the countryside like this?'' Eun-seop is surprised to see Hye-won wandering around the bookstore.
…. . The Korean TV series ``I'll Visit You When the Weather is Fine'' is a TV series based on the novel of the same name. Hye-won, who is tired of living in Seoul and leaves the city, reunites with Eun-seop, who runs an independent bookstore, and the story unfolds.
A heartwarming love story. Actress Park Min Young will play Sowon, and actor Seo KangJoon will play Eunseop.

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