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  • English:Tunnel
  • Korean:터널
  • Original Network: OCN(2017)
  • Aired: 2017/03/25 - 2017/05/21
tunnel (Korean: 터널) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2017-03-25. The broadcast will end on 2017-05-21. The broadcasting station is OCN (2017).
The main character travels back in time to 2016 while chasing the perpetrator of a serial murder of women in the 1980s. Find the connection between past and present and solve the serial murder case that started again 30 years ago.
This work depicts a person trying to sleep. . In 1986, hot-blooded detective Kwang-ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) is running around investigating. A mysterious serial murder of women occurs in Fayan City, and the perpetrator leaves no trace.
Strive to catch people. While tracking the time and location of the crime, they find the suspect in a tunnel... . The Korean TV series ``Tunnel'' focuses on the perpetrators of serial murders of women in the 1980s.
The main character, who was chasing after a man, travels back in time to 2016. A work that depicts a person trying to find a connection between the past and the present and solve a serial murder case that started again 30 years ago. thoroughly human
Actor Choi Jin Hyuk plays Park Kwang-ho, a detective in a powerful squad who believes that investigating things is important, and Kim Sung, a detective whose motto is investigating using digital technology such as smartphones, SNS, and CCTV.
Actor Yoon Hyun Min will play Jae, and actress Lee YuYoung will play Shin Jae, who grew up in England and returned to South Korea two years ago to teach psychology at a university. Produced by Studio Dragon. The Japanese title is "Labyrinth of Love"

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