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Into the ring

Into the ring
  • English:Into the ring
  • Korean:하라는 취업은 안하고 출사표
  • Original Network: KBS(2020)
  • Aired: 2020/07/01 - 2020/08/20
Episode Review 1

I didn't take the job I was told to do, but I applied for the application
(Korean: 하라는 취업은 안하고 출사표) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2020-07-01. The broadcast will end on 2020-08-20.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2020). An office romantic comedy about a job-hunting student who chooses to run for office instead of a job, and an elite office worker who has been demoted to punish a bad politician. .
Sera (Nana (AFTERSCHOOL)), who is known as the “Queen of Community Petitions,” gets involved in an incident when she goes to submit a petition, and even receives a brave citizen award.
After being unfairly fired, she decided to apply for a part-time job as an administrative assistant at the ward office's resident petition office. Park SungHoon, an elite clerk who was demoted to the resident petition office, is tired from being busy with the process.
When he was working there, he saw Sera coming for an interview for a part-time job as an administrative assistant, and he immediately accepted her, but... . The Korean TV series ``Shouldn't Get a Job, Get a Job'' features job-hunting students who choose to run instead of getting a job, and those who are demoted.
An office romantic comedy about an elite office worker who punishes bad politicians. Nana (AFTERSCHOOL) plays Goo Se-ra, the “Queen of Citizens' Petitions”, in a 5th grade story where she works as a ward office worker after graduating from a prestigious university.
Actor Park Sung Hoon will play the role of secretary Seo Gong Myung, actress Yoo Da In will play the beautiful lawyer Yoon Hee Soo, and actor Han Joon Woo will play Se Ra's former boyfriend, Kim Min Jae, the personal secretary to Ward Assemblyman Cho Maeng Deok.

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