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18 Again

18 Again
  • English:18 Again
  • Korean:18 어게인
  • Original Network: JTBC(2020)
  • Aired: 2020/09/21 - 2020/11/10
Episode Review 1

18 Again (Korean: 18 어게인) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2020-09-21. The broadcast will end on 2020-11-10.
The broadcasting station is JTBC (2020). A work depicting a husband who returns to his appearance 18 years ago just before divorce. .
In 2001, high school student Dae Myung (Lee Do Hyun) was a member of the Korean national basketball team.
He is a promising player who only knows basketball, but he falls in love with Da-jung (Han So-eun) at first sight. The two develop a relationship and unexpectedly become pregnant with twins.
18 years later, Dae-myung (Yoon Sang Hyun) has given up on his dreams and has been living hard, but Da-jeong (Kim Ha Neul) demands a divorce. Daemyung is desperate
Then, while he was throwing a ball in the gymnasium, the power suddenly went out and the people around him called him ``student.'' . Korean TV series ``18 Again'' depicts a husband who returns to his 18-year-old self just before divorce.
Works. Actress Kim Ha Neul will play Jeon Da-jeong, a rookie member of JBC, and actor Yoon Sang Hyun will play Da-jeong's husband, 37-year-old repair engineer Hong Dae-young, who is a member of the basketball team.
Actor Lee Do Hyun will play 18-year-old ace Hong Dae-young-Ko Woo-young, and actor Lee Ki Woo will play Choi Il-kwon, a physical education teacher and basketball coach at Selim High School.

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