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Top Management

Top Management
  • English:Top Management
  • Korean:탑 매니지먼트
  • Original Network: YouTube(2018)
  • Aired: 2018/10/31 - 2018/11/29
top management (Korean: 탑 매니지먼트) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2018-10-31. The broadcast will end on 2018-11-29.
The broadcasting station is YouTube (2018). A YouTube original TV series based on the novel of the same name.
The idol group “SOUL” is in its third year of debut and the vibrant growth of its new manager
A work depicting. . A new idol group ``SOUL'' from the top agency in the industry makes its debut. However, an accident occurred on stage and it was revealed that the debut song was plagiarized.
Due to repeated difficulties, ``SOUL'' was criticized by the public. Three years have passed since then... . The Korean TV series “Top Management” is starring Ai, who is in his third year of debut.
A work depicting the vibrant growth of the dollar group "SOUL" and its new manager. Former trainee and new manager Yoo Eun-sung is played by actress Seo EunSu, who came from Mongolia.
Actor Ahn HyoSeop will play the genius "Genius" Hyun Soo-young, CHAEUNWOO will play the sweet "visual center" Woo Yeon-woo from ASTRO, and actor Jung YOO-A will play the passionate leader Kim Tae-A.
Actor Bang Jae-min plays the role of Jang I-rip, the youngest rapper who is also charmingly difficult.

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