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True Beauty

True Beauty
  • English:True Beauty
  • Korean:여신강림
  • Original Network: tvN(2020)
  • Aired: 2020/12/09 - 2021/02/04
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true beauty (Korean: 여신강림) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2020-12-09. The broadcast will end on 2021-02-04.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2020). Based on the webtoon of the same name. No one knows the woman who had a complex about her appearance but became a goddess through makeup.
A romantic comedy about self-esteem recovery in which two men who are burdened with scars meet and grow as they share each other's secrets. . Because I'm ugly... I have to be used to it, and because I'm ugly...
I was unceremoniously dumped by my senior. Ju-kyung (Mun KaYoung) returns home after meeting an old man in a black hood on the rooftop. "What shall I do tomorrow? I never went to that hellish school again.
It's like someone in heaven heard her desperate cry. She has to move because her father lost his job due to fraud. Ji has a chance to change his life
What caught Kyukyung's eye was the words ``Miracle Makeup Before and After.'' . The Korean TV series “Goddess Advent” is about a woman who had a complex about her appearance but became a goddess through “makeup.”
A romantic comedy that restores self-esteem in which men with wounds that no one knows about meet and grow while sharing each other's secrets. Actress Mun KaYoung portrays Lim Ju-kyung, who is a “goddess” even before she takes off her makeup, as a clear-cut girl.
CHAEUNWOO (ASTRO) plays Lee Suho, a handsome man with perfect brains and athletic nerves, and Han Seo, the school's "idol" who has an attractive appearance, a model-like physique, and a sweet voice.
Jun will be played by actor Hwang In Yeop, and actress Park You Na will play Suho's girlfriend Kang Suzyun, who is the school's former beauty without makeup.

“True Beauty” is a webtoon serialized every Tuesday on Naver Webtoon by author Yaongi. It was also produced as a drama in 2020.

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