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Royal Secret Agent

Royal Secret Agent
  • English:Royal Secret Agent
  • Korean:암행어사 조선비밀수사단
  • Original Network: KBS(2020)
  • Aired: 2020/12/21 - 2021/02/09
Episode Review 1
Secret Royal Inspector Joseon Secret Investigation Team (Korean: 암행어사
조선비밀수사단) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2020-12-21.
The broadcast will end on 2021-02-09. The broadcasting station is KBS (2020). The Joseon Dynasty eradicated corruption, stood up to injustice, and cleared the people's spirits.
A thrilling comical mystery historical drama about the royal family's "secret investigator" Goshi and Goshidan. . Due to the sudden disappearance of Park Cheol-gyu, the history of dark affairs, the imperial court begins to search for a new history of dark affairs. On the other hand, Kobunkan
Lee Gyeom (L (INFINITE)) was caught by Gigeumbu after a fight broke out in the library. Tae-sun (Ahn Nae-sang) orders Yi-gyeom to become a dark king and atone for his sins...
. The Korean TV series "Hidden History: Joseon Secret Investigation Team" is about the prince Yeoningun-Lee Geum, who was born to a lowly Muslim woman, and the passionate mother of Park Moon-soo, a student taking the entrance exam for the imperial examination, and the police officer.
A TV series depicting Yeoji and Dalmun, the town's troublemaker, working together to win prerogative power. Infinit
E) will be played by actress Kwon Na-ra as Hong Da-in, a tea mother who is dressed as a gisaeng; actor Lee Yi-Kyung will play Park Choong-sam, Lee Gyeom's maid; and actress Cho will play Kang Sun-ae, who is Lee Gyeom's first love and a gisaeng.
Played by Soo Min.

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