Two films in which actor Song Kang played the leading role, "My Demon" and "Sweet Home - Ore to Sekai no Despair - 2," rank in the top of Netflix's global rankings.
I turned on. According to Netflix's ranking aggregation site "Netflix Global Top 10" on the 6th, "My Demon" will be aired from November 27th to December 3rd.
With a total of 5.4 million views and 19.7 million hours of viewing, it ranked second in the non-English speaking TV series category. SBSFri-SatTV Series “My Demon” started on November 24th,
A fantasy drama unfolds as Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung), an heiress to a devilish conglomerate, and Song Kang, a devil who has temporarily lost his powers, enter into a contract marriage.
It's a boo comedy. Another work in which Song Kang played the lead role, ``Sweet Home -Me and the World's Despair-2'' also came in 4th place.
In a world where desire becomes a monster, Hyo leaves his green home and fights to survive in a new base.
This Netflix series tells the story of Song Kang and the survivors of Green Home. The story continues from Season 1, which was released in 2020, and was released on the 1st.
Along with the Season 1 cast including Song Kang, LEEJINWOO, Lee Si Young, Go MinSi, and Park Kyu Young, Jin Young (B1A4from), Yu Oh Sung, Oh Jung Se,
New faces have joined the team, including Kim Moo Yul, Kim Si A, and Kim ShinRock.

By minmin 2023/12/06 22:53 KST