Chanyeol of the group EXO spread his good influence to support hearing-impaired children. “Snail of Love” was announced by Chanyeol on the 22nd for 20 million won (approximately 2.2 million won).
On the 27th, it was announced that the organization had donated ¥1,000. The sponsorship funds announced this time will be used for voice-accompanying support projects such as artificial snail tube surgery and language rehabilitation treatment for hearing-impaired children.
vinegar. In January 2021, Chanyeol began regular sponsorship to support the hearing impaired, forming a bond with the ``Snail of Love,'' and is currently in the process of continuing to support the group.
This year, on Children's Day in May, we donated 20 million won to give sounds to two hearing-impaired children.
Chanyeol, who sent the donation, said, ``I'm happy to be able to help a hearing-impaired child grow up healthy through surgery and rehabilitation treatment.''
"I hope the children have a warm end of the year," she said. Kim Min-ji, Chairman of the Snail of Love, said, ``With continued sharing, hearing loss can be improved.
Thank you for joining the “snail of love” in supporting those in need. The support funds you have provided will be used transparently to help people with hearing disabilities who are unable to hear due to financial difficulties.
I'll use it,'' he said.

By minmin 2023/12/27 11:59 KST