Singer/actor Park Ji Hoon and Hong YEJI's exciting first meeting has been caught. On the 1st, KBS2TV's new Mon-TueTV Series "Illusion Love Song" announced Park Ji Hoon.
It amplifies curiosity by teasing the unusual first encounter between Hyun and Ak-hee (playing two roles) and Hong Yeji (Yong Wol, playing Gera).
In the play, "Sajo Hyun" is the crown prince of Asate, and he is trying to be recognized by his father who rose to the throne after rebelling.
Unable to do so, she enjoys the small deviance of working as a fashion designer at a downtown costume store. “Yong Wol” is the grandson of a fallen royal family, and holds a grudge against the family.
With this in mind, he lives his life as a member of the Kaze no Katana group, Gera, just to get revenge. Stills, which was released on the 1st, features Sajo Hyun and Yong Wol meeting each other at a cloth store.
It is being Sajo-hyun, who looks very panicked, and Yeong-wol, who looks suspicious, meet in an unexpected place, which is disturbing.
In addition, the strange air currents created by these people, who are placed in difficult situations such as collapsing on the floor from their first encounter, attract attention.
The two had unknowingly become enemies due to a bad relationship in the past, and people are interested in how their relationship changes after they learn the truth.
Meanwhile, ``Illusion Love Song'' will be broadcast for the first time in Korea on the 2nd at 10:10 p.m.

By minmin 2024/01/01 18:48 KST