In the TV series ``Man and Woman: The 7th Year's Dilemma'', Donghae is sad and his friends begin to comfort him. CHANNEL to be broadcast on the 2nd
In the second episode of A's Tuesday TV Series "Man and Woman: The 7th Year's Dilemma", Jung Hyun Sung (Lee Do), who has fallen into despair,
His friends Ahn Si-hoo (Choi WonMyeong), Kim Hyeon-seop (Kim Hyeon-Mok) and Han Sung-ok (Lee Sul)'s best friend Ryu Eun-jung (Park Jung-hwa)
)'s close friend chemistry is attracting attention. On this day, Hyun Sung and Sung Ok are in danger of not being able to return to their former status, so they drink a lot of Shaoxing wine at Hyun Seop's restaurant with a bitter heart.
Masu. Eun-jung, who was watching him, snatches Hyun-sung's glass and shoots him a harsh blow, creating a brutal atmosphere.
As Hyun Sung becomes increasingly drunk, he leaves his smartphone to Shi Hoo and Hyun Seop.
vinegar. The two release a special move to help Hyun-sung, who continues to exude a depressing mood... But why did Hyun-sung have to leave his smartphone to his friend?
It makes me wonder what kind of special consolation method Shi Hoo and Hyun Seop have for Hyun Sung. Also, Hyun Sung loses his mind and runs to Shi Hoo and Hyun Seop to look for his smartphone.
I will. Moreover, Hyun Sung instinctively calls Sung Ok after remembering his past memories with Sung Ok, making the broadcast of EP 2 even more eagerly awaited.
On the other hand, the second EP of "Man and Woman ~7 Year Dilemma~" will be broadcast on this day.

By minmin 2024/01/02 16:27 KST