*Contains plot summary and spoilers. DONG-HAE (SUPER
JUNIOR) and Lee Sul broke up, unexpectedly at Kim Hyeon Mok's birthday party
We will meet again. On the broadcast of CHANNEL A's Tuesday TV Series "Man and Woman ~7 Year Dilemma~" EP3, which will be broadcast in South Korea on the 9th, Jung Hyun Sung (who missed each other after breaking up)
DONG-HAE) and Han Sung-ok (Lee Sul) reunite at Kim Hyeon-seop's (Kim Hyeon-Mok) birthday party, and their suffocating conflict is revealed.
Hyun Sung and Sung Ok, who had been a couple for seven years, continued to have a dangerous relationship as they became indifferent to each other, and they ended up breaking up.
Ta. After the two broke up, which they thought would be forever, they missed each other's empty seats, and the drama captured the passionate interest of viewers by realistically portraying the aftereffects of a breakup that any ex-lover would empathize with.
In an unpredictable turn of events, on the 9th, a picture of the two of them who met at Hyun-sub's birthday party was revealed. Hyun Sung didn't know what to do when Sung Ok appeared, so it was difficult.
Open your mouth and continue the conversation with Seong-ok. Hyun Sung and Sung Ok face each other again, feeling the pain in their deep gazes, and resolve their accumulated misunderstandings and regain their friendship.
People are paying attention to whether they will be able to do this and what kind of ending their long-term love story will have. The suffocating conflict between DONG-HAE and Lee Sul will be aired on the 9th at 10pm in Korea.
You can check it out on EP3 of CHANNEL A's Tuesday TV series "Man and Woman ~7 Year Dilemma~" which will be broadcast from 30 minutes.

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