*Contains plot summary and spoilers. Park Ji Hoon and Hong YEJI from the TV series “Illusion Love Song” stand in front of the cruel barrier of fate.
Stills, released on the 14th, shows two men and women facing each other under a tree.
I enjoy the night's elegance, intoxicated by the scent of flowers, as if I forget my burning desire for revenge, if only for a moment.
Yong Wol's appearance attracts attention with the elegance and beauty of a descendant of the royal family. Also, the identity of the man shyly holding a folded flower in his hand is piqued by curiosity as to whether it is Sajo Hyun or Akuhi.
It's intense. Sajo-hyun, who cornered Yeong-wol into a corner to punish Ak-hee, who was at odds with himself all his life, but saved him from danger at a critical moment, and Sa-jo-hyun, who has a rough and free-spirited personality but is a single person.
Among Ak-hee, who pursues pure love only for women, people are interested in who will be the main character who spends a painful time with Yeong-wol.
And what kind of emotions do the two feel when they look at each other?
I'm concerned. As Yong-wol regains his memory and contrasts the conflicting emotions of the coalition government and revenge, the harsh fate that surrounds the three of them becomes even more obvious.
It will be interesting to see if it flows or not. The production staff of ``Illusion Love Song'' said, ``The relationship between the two, which was once again intertwined after Yong-wol lost her memory, will return to its original position for the first time from EP 4.''
I will be going back. This is also the episode where the story of the two people's incredible love, which started with bad luck when they were young, takes on an even richer color.
More and more shocking developments await the viewers, so please look forward to it!
I told them the key points to watch. EP 4 of KBS2TV's Mon-Tue TV Series ``Illusion Love Song'' will be broadcast in Korea from 10:10 pm on the 15th.

By minmin 2024/01/14 15:16 KST