Girl's Day member HYERI is surprising us with the size of her face, as if she just disappeared. On the 6th of this month, HYERI posted on her personal Instagram, ``It was very, very nice♥''
A photo was posted with a comment. In the published photo, HYERI is wearing a pink cardigan and exudes a lovely charm.
In addition, HYERI's small face, which is on the verge of extinction, surprises those who see it.
HYERI creates a wonderful atmosphere with her mischievous expressions and fashion that reveals her shoulder line.
I am. Meanwhile, HYERI is preparing for the release of the movie "VICTORY". In addition, she recently appeared in the movie ``Tropical Night'' where she is a member of the former girl group and a dancer who lives a fierce life in Bangkok.
I joined the group to play the role of Ali.
By Corin 2024/02/06 20:11 KST