Actor Kim So Heeong, who is a child actor, boasts a visual that looks like it was created. On the 6th of this month, Kim So-Hee-yeon posted several photos with emojis on her Instagram.
did. In the published photo, Kim So-Hee-young is posing in front of a picturesque landscape. It attracts attention with its visuals that are better than the artistic scenery.
In addition, Kim So-Hee-young boasts a drawn-out nose, giving her an elegant profile. Kim SoHee-young sheds her girlishness and exudes a mature and adult atmosphere.
It invites voices of admiration. On the other hand, Kim So Hee-yeon played the role of a liar hunter who uncovers people's lies with her ability to discern lies in the tvNTV series "Useless Lies - Secrets You Can't Tell Anyone" last year.
She gave a passionate performance as Mok Seol-hee, who lives as a child.
By Corin 2024/02/06 20:37 KST