Actor Kim Myung Min's recent status has been released. Kim Myung Min's management office SIM STORY will be released on the 10th of this month through Official YouTube and Instagram.
Lunar New Year's greetings from actors including Ngmin, Jung Ae-young, Moon Ji-in, and Han So-eun were released and attracted attention.
Videos of New Year's congratulations directly conveyed by the actors and photos with handwritten messages are loved by fans.
It made my heart flutter. Kim Myung Min said, ``I hope everyone is healthy and everything goes smoothly in 2024, the Year of the Dragon. I will soon greet you with a good work, so please look forward to it.''
He delivered the news to his fans like a present. It has been 3 years since he appeared on JTBC's "Law School" and he has been giving an update on his current situation, which has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry.
Jung Ae-young shared a warm New Year's greeting, saying, ``I will work hard to greet you with many works in 2024.'' Representative actress in her 40s, Jung Ae
Following the coupang play ``Boyhood,'' Yeon is teasing her appearance in the play ``B Class'' and a new TV series that will be aired at the end of February.
Moon Ji-in, who recently broke the news of her marriage, said, ``It's worth it because everything you wish for in the new year will come true.''
I hope it will be another year," he said in a positive and lively greeting. Moon Ji-in appeared on Variety through SBS's ``The Girls Who Kick the Ball'' and was able to get closer to the viewers.
I'm meeting you. On the other hand, SIM STORY is a company that gathers talented actors such as Kim Myung Min, Im YEJIN, Kim YURI, Jung Ae-young, and Moon Ji-in.
We produce TV series, culture, and TV series.

By Corin 2024/02/10 22:45 KST