Actor Chae Jong Hyeop attended actress Park Eun Bin's fan concert to support her. On the 11th, Park Eun Bin held the “2024 PARK EUNBIN” event in Tokyo.
We held "FAN CONCERT in JAPAN" and met with fans. Regarding the fan concert, Park Eun Bin said, ``Once ``Desert Island Diva'' ends,
I wanted to provide a place to present songs to people in the community. I once told him, ``This is the first and likely the last time I'll be showing you the repertoire in my work.''
On this day, Chae Jong Hyeop posted a photo of Park Eun Bin's fans on his Instagram Stories.
She posted a photo of herself attending the concert and wrote, ``It was really great.
Thank you for letting me hear your wonderful songs,'' and ``It was a great stage. Good job Giho.''
Chae Jong Hyeop and Park Eun Bin co-starred in the TV series "Desert Island Diva" which ended in December last year.
Did. Chae Jong Hyeop played the role of Kang Bogol-Lee Ki-ho and was praised for his delicate yet captivating acting skills that delicately expressed various emotional variations.
Meanwhile, Chae Jong Hyeop is currently appearing in the TV series "Eye Love You" on TBS in Japan, and is meeting viewers all over the world through Netflix.

By minmin 2024/02/12 11:09 KST