Actor Lee Dong Wook took on the challenge of VLOG to address the situation where he was embarrassed by his popularity. 12th, KINGKONG by
STARSHIP's official YouTube channel says, "(EN) [Lee Dong Wook] EP.02 Why are you so serious about this trip?"
A video titled "Cheju Island Vlog" has been released. Lee Dong Wook in the video enjoyed sightseeing on Cheju Island.
He put on sunglasses and a hat, completely covering his face, and said, ``Do you want to go racing at 11:20?'' He was enthusiastic about the trip.
Lee Dong Wook said, ``If this was a downhill slope, it would just go downhill due to gravity acceleration. That's why Cravity Racing is so great.
"Don't hit the wall instead," he warned the group. When I think about it, I think, ``People can tell it's me.
With your face. Everyone hid it," he said. On the other hand, Lee Dong Wook enjoyed the activity and said, ``It's unusual.
This may seem a little childish before you actually do it, but it's still fun once you do it.''
I talked about it. He enjoyed his time, saying, ``I'm back to my childhood for a little bit.'' On the other hand, Lee Dong Wook recently appeared in "The Killer's Shop," starring Uncle Jin Man (Lee Dong).
A stylish new wave action film about the life story of JeeAn (Kim Hye Jun), who becomes a target of suspicious killers due to the dangerous legacy left behind by Kim Hye Jun.

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