Actress Ha Ji Won revealed the reason why she founded the entertainment planning company Haewadal Entertainment.
Ha Ji Won participated in the YouTube content “Toasting Brother Shin Dong-yeop,” which was released on the 12th, along with “SF9” Juho and F.
Appeared with athlete Kim Junho. On this day, Shin Dong-yeop was at Haewadal in the management office.
Ha Ji Won, head of Entertainment, said, ``Even though there are many things I have to be nervous about,
I'm curious about what goals you had in choosing your company." In response, Ha Ji Won said, ``I used to belong to another management office, so when my contract ended and I left, I was assigned to another company's management office.''
There were also a lot of bukors,” he began. Ha Ji Won said, ``However, I just needed freedom.The first work I released on my own was ``Empress Ki: Two Loves.''
It was a tearful oath. Then, one or two actors started gathering at the company."
Next, Ha Ji Won said, ``Of course I want to be a top star, and I also want to have money.
I wanted to earn a lot of money, but I looked far ahead and thought about it. That's why each and every one of them is precious to me." When Shin Dong-yeop heard this, he said, ``Even though I'm your younger brother, I respect you.'' Business is actually about that kind of heart.
It's not easy," he said. Ha Ji Won said, ``We should make money too,'' and said, ``Let's make money,'' making everyone laugh.

By chunchun 2024/02/13 00:26 KST