Group EXO's Kai's VR concert has been released. “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT” released on the 14th
KAI” is a subsidiary of SM Entertainment Studio.
This is a VR concert put on by Realive and AmazeVR.
Last October, SM's girl group "aesp" was the first runner. To commemorate Kai's solo debut date (November 30th), 1130 limited edition Keelin pieces will be released.
We released a new package, but it sold out in just one minute. In particular, the release date on the 14th boasted a high seating rate of 74.62%.
In addition, it recorded a re-viewing rate of nearly 15% from the first day of release.
We have steadily recorded a high seat occupancy rate of approximately 52% on average.
Not only that, the number of viewers who continue to watch N times immediately after their first viewing is also increasing.
vinegar. After its release, it received a lot of positive feedback on various SNS. Fans and audience members left comments such as ``This is a concert just for me,'' and said, ``This is a concert just for me.''
I authenticated the rawness. Meanwhile, “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” will be available at MEGABOX COEX until March 5th.
Exclusive screenings are available at Kai Buildings A and B. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the MEGABOX homepage, mobile app, and on-site.
It's Noh.

By minmin 2024/02/19 19:15 KST