Actor Cho JungSeok, who is shaking women's hearts in the TV series ``The Fascinating Person'', showed off his captivating gaze in the pictorial. Cho JungSeok appeared in the fashion magazine ``ELLE''
The gravure and interview with "KOREA" were released on the 20th. The shooting took place in a single-family home with a retro Korean feel, using flooring materials from the 1940s.
It was done. The gravure is currently focusing on capturing the calm side of Cho Jung Seok, who is showing a new face as an actor through the King of Misfortune in tvN's Saturday and Sunday TV series ``Enchanted Person.''
I did. After the gravure photoshoot, an interview took place. When asked what he focused on when playing the character Lee In, Cho JungSeok said, ``Lee In wishes
He was born with a destiny that forced him to rise to a very high position. You have to be even stronger, you have to think one step ahead every time, you have to be someone that everyone should doubt.
``It wasn't easy to express it in terms of acting.'' He continued, ``I tried to make the most of the smallest details in each scene.In particular, I wanted to create a clear difference between the impressions of King Jinhan and when he became king.''
``I tried to do my best,'' he said. It is special as it is the fourth historical drama work, following the movies ``Sangsangshi'', ``The King's Tears - Lee Sang's Decision'', and the TV series ``Mung Bean Flower''.
When asked if there was a point, Cho Jung Seok said, ``I haven't changed my processing method. Still, I didn't want to express my lines in the typical way that I feel is typical of historical dramas or in the way I'm used to.
I wanted to show Cho JungSeok a king. From the moment I read the scenario for ``The Fascinating Person,'' I wanted to make beautiful footprints and brag about them, saying, ``My footprints are beautiful.''
In response, he expressed his deep love for the work. All EP 16, ``Enchanted Person'', is scheduled to end its broadcast in March. Cho JungSeok's full pictorial and interview are "ELLE
You can meet them in the March issue of ``KOREA'' and on the website.

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