The popularity of the TV series ``Marry My Husband'' both inside and outside of Korea seems to be extraordinary. Last year, Studio Dragon produced the worldwide hit TV series The Glory.
~Glorious Revenge~'', this year we also succeeded in ``Marry My Husband'' and established ourselves as a famous family of K-TV series.
I solidified it. "Marry My Husband" was released in Korea through tvN and TVING, and overseas through Amazon Prime Video.
``Marry My Husband'', which reached its final episode on the 20th, is based on FlixPatrol standards and Amazon Prime Video's 2016 Glow
This is the first K-TV series to rank first in the global daily TV show rankings since we started broadcasting.
Monthly TV shows are a measure of long-term hits, not just daily rankings
In terms of rankings, we also achieved a record high of 2nd place in the K-TV Series in January. The "Marry My Husband" boom has not only affected Asia, where the K-TV series was popular, but also many Western countries.
I participated. “Marry My Husband” has aired in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Brazil, and other countries during its broadcast period.
It ranked first in daily rankings in 67 countries. Not only that, for the first time in the K-TV Series, America (best 2nd place), Canada (best 1st place), UK (best 3rd place), Germany (best 4th place),
Amazon Prime is also available in American and European countries such as Switzerland (best 2nd place), Sweden (best 4th place), Spain (best 6th place), Netherlands (best 5th place), Italy (best 3rd place), etc.
It successfully entered the top 10 of the movie video.

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