The largest dance-specific program in the history of Korean broadcasting will be born. Top-class dancers representing K-POP and world-class dancers who are active in the world dance scene
will gather in the "DNAcers: Global 'K Dance' Project" (hereinafter referred to as "DNAcers").
The large-scale project ``DNAcers'' is a two-day project through the online video service platform TVING.
It will be released for the first time on the 26th of May. The program brings together the main characters who created K-POP choreography and the world's top-class dancers who have conquered the world's dance scene, and engages in a battle.
It's a reality show. In order to show off their K-dance skills, top K-POP dancers went to Las Vegas, America, the mecca of shows, to meet local dancers.
We will be showing off Chito battles and street dance performances. In a 10-day dance adventure, AIKI, LIP
J, Rihei, Harimu, and others will be traveling as representatives of K-Dancers. AIKI, LIP
J, Rihei, and Harimu appeared on Mnet's dance survival program "STREET WOMAN," which became a big hit not only in Korea but also overseas.
FIGHTER”, they showed a powerful K-performance and ignited a dance craze around the world. Popular idols will also appear.
From DARA from “2NE” who dominated the K-POP scene to Lee Gi-kwang from “HIGHLIGHT” and Lee Dae Hwi from “AB6IX”, talented K-POP artists.
The artists will lead the program while acting as MCs and managers. A breathtaking dance battle between global megacrews unfolds.
The first and second EPs of "DNAcers" will be released consecutively on TVING on February 26th, and EP1 will be streamed on STREAM every Monday.

By minmin 2024/02/21 22:18 KST