JOY from the girl group "Red Velvet" caught everyone's attention with her refreshing smile. On the 27th, JOY posted on his Instagram, ``My fav
bag @tods @mt_matteotamburini" and posted several photos with the tag.
In the photo, JOY is smiling brightly while holding a large white bag.
vinegar. Fans who saw the post commented, ``JOY is so cute,'' ``Your smile is my joy,'' ``Milan JOY is the strongest,'' and ``The cutest in the world.''
I have sent a message. On the other hand, "RedVelvet" to which JOY belongs, "SMTOWN LIVE 2024 SMCU PALACE" held on the 21st and 22nd.
@TOKYO” concert and performed.
By minmin 2024/02/27 22:57 KST