Actor Kim Go Eun shared behind-the-scenes shots from filming 'The Tomb'. On the 5th of this month, Kim GoEun posted a message on her Instagram saying, ``#Tombburst.Let's do it together.''
I posted a photo with the message. The photos released include a variety of images, from Kim GoEun filming a ritual scene to Kim GoEun with a sutra inscribed on his face.
Collecting lines. On the other hand, Kim Go Eun appeared in the movie "Breaking Tomb". Feng Shui master Sang-deok (Choi Min Sik) receives a large sum of money and moves a grave in an unlucky place, and undertaker Young-geun (Yoo Hye-ji)
The movie depicts the strange events that happen to the monks Hwarim (Kim Go Eun), and Bong Gil (Lee Do Hyun), and has now surpassed 6 million viewers.
By Corin 2024/03/05 18:34 KST