SM Entertainment has announced its official position regarding the exclusive contract with SHINee. On the 5th, SM Entertainment said, ``SHINee's activities will change with SM.
The contract for individual activities will be decided in the direction that each member desires.'' Minho and KEY will continue to have positive discussions with the company regarding their individual activities as well as the group.''
Onew is exploring in various directions. The Exclusive Contract with TAEMIN ended at the end of March, and I hear that TAEMIN's future plans after the end of the contract have not yet been determined, and that they are thinking about it from various angles.
"I was there," he said. ``SHINee'', who debuted in 2008, achieved ``SUPER'' 16 years after their debut.
JUNIOR,” “SNSD (Girls' Generation),” and “EXO” will refrain from activities “separately and together.”
I am. The future progress of the members will be watched closely.
By minmin 2024/03/05 19:45 KST