``2PM'' JUNHO and ``SNSD (Girls' Generation)'' Yuna have returned as ``King the Land.'' On the 1st, JTBC posted on Official SNS “[JTBCExclusive]
The King Group's couple Koo Won and Jeong Sa Rang announce their second generation, and the fourth generation of the chaebol, the new successor of the King Group, is born.
I posted a photo with the caption, ``This is an April Fool's Day imagining by a JTBC representative that has not been considered in advance.''
The photo shows Junho in a tuxedo and Yuna in a wedding dress.
``King Group's Gu Won
I'm adding Lefur's laugh. Netizens who saw this said, ``JTBC staff's imagination is really desirable. I sincerely praise it,'' ``Let's go to season 2!'', ``April
I'm really happy to be able to see her again on the TV show.'', and ``Just imagining it is wonderful. I want to see Wong Love's newlywed life.''
On the other hand, "King the Land" is a Korean TV show that was broadcast on JTBC from June 17, 2023 to August 6, 2023.
It's BiTV Series. A love story set in a luxury hotel between a heir of a wealthy family caught up in a succession dispute and a hotel woman who never stops smiling.

By chunchun 2024/04/02 00:05 KST