The group "TEMPEST" will begin full-scale activities with their Japanese debut. On the 3rd, "TEMPEST" released the sound source of their Japanese debut mini album "BANG!"
Along with this, they released the music video for the title song "BANG!", which received a enthusiastic response from Japanese fans.
"BANG!" is TEMPEST's first mini album to be released in Japan, and the title song is "BANG!".
TEMPEST's pre-debut song "Baddest Behavior" has been recorded. In addition, "Dangerous" and "Can't Be" which were released in Korea earlier have been released.
The Japanese versions of "Stop Shining" and "Only One Day" were recorded. According to the management office, "TEMPEST" was released as a debut album for Japanese fans.
The members voted for the songs to be included in the new album. "TEMPEST" is a representative song that will show the group's unique color and add excitement to their official activities in Japan.
``TEMPEST'' is the ending theme song for the anime ``Fujinchu Great Mission'' that will be aired on Fuji TV in January. ``Baddest Behavior -TV Size''
ver.-” and made its pre-debut in Japan. "Baddest Behavior" was released on Japan's largest music STREAM site "LINE" immediately after its release.
MUSIC” for the first time in the Top 100, and ranked 1st in Vietnam’s iTunes K-POP daily chart and 2nd in all genres, and ranked 2nd in the pop genre.
They ranked 2nd on the chart, proving their popularity with global fans. "TEMPEST", which headed to Japan, was released on the same day as the sound source at Zepp in Tokyo.
We will proceed with the showcase at Haneda. On the 5th, we plan to hold a showcase at Zepp Namba in Osaka to heat up Japan.
On the 10th, we will release the physical album of "BANG!" and will begin our full-fledged debut activities.

By minmin 2024/04/03 19:18 KST