An online play space for fans of the group "SEVENTEEN" has opened. "SEVENTEEN" is a group that is releasing their best album "17 IS RIGHT
To commemorate the release of "HERE", a promotional website was opened at midnight on the 7th.
On the "SVT, ASSEMBLE!" page, vote for your favorite song from among the title tracks of SEVENTEEN's past albums.
The songs with the most votes will be released every day at midnight and the album images of those songs will be posted on the “REWARD” page.
On the “PHOTO” page, when you click the camera shutter on the screen, 13 Polaroid photos of SEVENTEEN from their debut days will be released every day.
Also, if you access the "TODAY'S LINE" page, you can read the day's fortune with the lyrics of "SEVENTEEN" and you can also check out the "SEVENTEEN" best album.
Concept teasers and objects from the album cover artwork are hidden throughout the promotional pages, so it's expected that searching for them will be quite fun.
Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN's best album "17 IS RIGHT HERE," which is a culmination of their past, present, and future, will be released on the 29th.
Prior to this, they held the "SEVENTEEN TOUR 'FOLLOW'" at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th and 28th.
AGAIN" to meet with fans.

By minmin 2024/04/07 15:25 KST