Actor Park Seo Jun showed off a modern mood. On the 12th, fashion brand "ZIOZIA" posted on its official SNS, "A modern mood that highlights a flowing silhouette.
The photo was posted with the caption, "Styling of Park Seo Jun." In the photo, Park Seo Jun can be seen wearing a black top and light gray slacks.
The simple fashion shows off Park Seo Jun's good style. Internet users who saw this commented, "It's really nice," "Park Seo Jun's
"Your style is amazing," "I love you," "I'll always support you," and other responses were seen. Meanwhile, Park Seo Jun will appear in season 2 of the Netflix TV series "Kyungseong Creatures" and will be appearing in the second half of the year.
She will also join "Sojin's House 2" and will appear as an idol group with existing members Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yumi, Choi Woo-shik, and new intern Go MinSi.
They teased that they would be running a restaurant in the background of Norway.
By chunchun 2024/04/13 00:23 KST