Jeon Yong Hwa of the group "CNBLUE" showed the ultimate boyfriend shot. On the 12th, Jeon Yong Hwa posted several photos on his Instagram along with a dog emoji.
The photos show Jung Yong Hwa taking a mirror selfie and a selfie on an airplane.
Jung Yong Hwa's handsome visuals in a dog-printed vest catch the eye.
Fans who saw the photo commented, "She looks like a cute puppy," "Why does the knit suit her so well?"
Comments included, "Uno," "The dog's vest and Yong Hwa are both cute," "So cute," and "He's getting younger and younger."
Meanwhile, CNBLUE will begin in Hong Kong on March 16th, followed by Bangkok on March 23rd, Kaohsiung on April 5th and 6th, Macau on April 13th, and Kuala Lumpur on April 20th.
Lampur, Asia tour "2024 CNBLUE LIVE 'CNBLUENTITY' IN Singapore on April 27th
ASIA" is currently being held, and today (13th) a performance will be held in Macau.
In addition, CNBLUE will hold a Japanese fan meeting "CNBLUE" in Yokohama for the first time in about two years on May 3rd and 4th.
FANMEETING IN JAPAN 2024 "LIFE4CUTS" will be held. In June, they will play against one of Japan's leading rock bands, UVERworld.
CHALLENGE~" will be held in Japan and Korea.

By 編集部 2024/04/14 00:03 KST